It will never go out of style to decorate your yard during Christmas with inflatable decorations. Let’s count the top 10 inflatable ornaments that best describe the ambience of your yard in CHristmas holiday.

Inflatable Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the centerpiece of the whole Christmas. Getting an inflatable Santa for your yard immediately demonstrate the spirit of Xmas. There are many designs to choose, such as, inflatable Santa climbing chimney, inflatable Santa carrying a gift bag, or inflatable Santa with his beloved reindeers.

Inflatable Christmas Tree

Beside obtaining a real conifer in your warm house, why not blowing up some inflatable Christmas trees in your snowy yard? With those inflatable props, it really shows how you love the Christmas. Again, there are many options to choose from, for example, an inflatable Christmas tree with gift boxes under, you can even acquire a white inflatable Xmas tree.

Inflatable Snowman

How can you forget cute snowman? With inflatable snowman, it will surely enrich the level of christmasy in the yard.

Inflatable Penguin

Is penguin on your mind when we talk about winter holiday? If not, you should totally add inflatable penguin decors to your list. Because they are so cute and obviously, in season.

Inflatable Christmas Arch

Last but not the least, don’t leave this inflatable Christmas arch out. Decorating your front yard entrance by life size inflatable Christmas archway is a Xmas 101. Popular Christmas arches include Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas tree and so on.