When speaking of animals of Christmas, most of people probably will think of only a few, such as reindeers. As a matter of fact, we humans have associated many animals all over the world with Christmas. So if you gonna decorate your yard with inflatable animals for holiday season, you can easily establish an inflatable zoo.

Inflatable Reindeer

inflatable reindeer with wreath and bell
LED lights inflatable reindeer

Should I need to explain? The most famous reindeers, rode by Santa Claus on a sleigh, carry the most important task of sending gifts to all good kids. Just don’t forget about the red nose Rudolph.

Inflatable Polar Bear

Can you guess where does the polar bears live? Yes, they are the neighbours of Santa Claus who lives in the north pole. There is no reason to leave out polar bear as a Christmas animal.

Inflatable Penguin

Although penguins largely live in the south pole, still they are arctic creatures. So it is legit to classify them as an animal of Christmas. Besides, you gonna admit that they are super duper cute.

Inflatable Dog

Why do we consider dogs to be a member of holiday animals? Why not? I mean dogs are the best pets and friends of human, we should not overlook them when we are celebrating festivals. Needless to say, dogs love to dress up for us and look cute in Xmas wear.

Inflatable Camel

Camels would become one symbol of Christmas mainly due to the fact that they are the 3 wise men’s rides. The biblical magi rode their camels to the nativity of Jesus and gave him gifts.

Inflatable Donkey

Donkey is another animal depicted in the nativity scene. As a character who witnesses the birth of Jesus, it is hard not to connect it to Christmas. After all, Christmas is the day for Jesus Christ.

Inflatable Sheep

You must heard about some shepherd was there in the barn where Jesus was born. Hence sheep gets to become a representative of Christmas festival.

Inflatable Pig

Which animal was there too in that barn? You could guess it’s pigs. Pigs can be as cute as dogs.