Valentine’s day is coming on February 14, have you decided on how to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day with your significant other? If not, don’t worry, here are some great ideas you can steal to make your Valentine special.

Handwritten Card

Using your own hands and words to write a wishful Valentine’s day greeting card means the whole world. It really shows your love and care as a lover.

Red Roses

A classic way to express your sincerest love is sending red roses to your romantic partner on Valentine’s day. However, it doesn’t have to be just roses, other flowers like lilies and daisies will do.

Gift Giving

I dare say receiving a gift from your other half triumph the three gifts of the magi. No matter what the value of the present, giving a gift will make this day memorable for both. Popular options for gifts include jewelry, confection, clothes, DIY sock monkey, etc.

Home Decorating

If you want to create a romantic ambiance around your house, you need to decorate it, especially when two of you stay at home to spend this special day. Here are some good Valentine’s day decorations, such as heart-shaped wreath, flowers in vases, colorful balloons, rainbow arch, valentine inflatables and more.

Romantic Dinner

Whether having dinner at a fancy restaurant or dining at home, both are capable of displaying romance and love. But to kick it out of this world, sharing a romantic dinner at home would have much higher chance.

Going on a Date

Asking your s/o for a whole day of dating seems a no-brainer choice. The hard part is the date locations. To put you at ease, here are some infallible dating locations, include movie theatre, arboretum, gaming center, amusement park, etc.

Movie Night

There is no better feelings compared to a couple who snuggle together and watch movies. Here are some highly recommended romance films for Valentine’s day: Beauty and the Beast, Titanic, Amélie, The Princess Bride and About Time.

Air Travel

Plan for an international travel will be super romantic and thrilling. There are many gorgeous destinations to pick, such as Paris, Venice, Kyoto, Bern. But of course, just make sure you plan ahead and arrive before the day.