What if you are single on Valentine’s day and still want to celebrate it all by yourself? Of course, you can! Because this holiday is the celebration of love. So as long as you hold love in the bottom of your heart, you are Saint Valentine.

Flower Field

Go and visit a flower field near you. There are still some flowers blooming in the winter.


Catch a movie just by yourself. Pick whatever movie you like. Since it is all about you, so you don’t have to compromise anything with another person. Just enjoy your movie and popcorn quietly.


Go to a bar and order a drink. If you are lucky enough, you might get to talk to another single soul. Even if there ain’t any person you’d be interested in, you will not feel too much solitary because of the crowds around you.


It is a good excuse to indulge yourself with sweets, such as candies, cakes, ice creams, soft drinks, etc. Don’t worry about any weight again for a couple days, you really need a break.

Single Dinner

Being alone doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to enjoy a well-cooked dinner. Spend some time to decide the recipes, then pick the ingredients leisurely in the supermarket. Take your time to cook yourself a fine dinner.


Alone at home, still want to feel like romance. Then decorate your house with some romantic decorations. Highly recommend inflatable Valentine decorations.

Day Trip

Plan a short trip in your city. You can go for a hiking, talk a long walk on beach, visit local history museums, take some photos at local landmarks, and so on.

Video Games

Not feel like going out, how about just staying home and playing your favorite games. Immerse into the virtual world so that you would totally forget about the reality.


If you are a pet owner, make a day with your lovely pets. Play with your pet all day long.