When the clock of Halloween gets ticking more loudly, soon you’ll need to decide this year’s Halloween decoration theme for your house. If you put efforts to make Halloween decors consistent, it would looks more aesthetic in a Halloween way.

So let’s brainstorm some Halloween decoration theme ideas.


Pumpkins can be delectable and scary at the same time. You can carve them and combine with Halloween characters such like ghost, scarecrow, skeleton and more. If you are the person who is not into making human faces on pumpkins, you can go traditional harvest theme.


How about turning your yard into a creepy graveyard? You’ll need some RIP tombstones, some scary dead trees, some wandering white ghosts, and maybe some crows.


Where is the vampire’s lair? A grand castle, just like where Count Dracula lives. Building your yard into a vampire’s castle is really cool and frightening. For that purpose, you’ll need some coffins, some vampire bat props, some fake bloods.


Dare to visit a witch’s house? Decorating your yard into a witch’s house sounds like so fairy tales. What does a typical old hag’s cabin look like? Well, a big dark cauldron, a creepy black cat, some flying brooms and some witch’s hats. You bet inflatable witches will be the center of attentions.

Spider’s Web

Spin your yard into a spiderweb and wait for the preys, I mean your friends and neighbours. Hence, you’ll need a lot of spider decorations, for example, inflatable spiders.