Do you like Santa Claus? If so, then you must learn what the Santa’s favorites are.

inflatable Santa sitting with penguin and elf
Inflatable Santa sitting in a chair with an elf and a penguin

What is Santa’s Favorite Food

Santa’s favorite food is cookies. He likes to eat any kinds of cookies, as long as they are delicous. If you want to leave some cookies for Santa when he visits your house at Christmas Eve, gingerbread cookies, sugar candy cane cookies and chocolate biscuits are all good choices.

What is Santa’s Favorite Beverage

Santa’s favorite drinks are milk and eggnog. Milk and eggnog are perfect beverage to consume with cookies. Make sure the drink you leave for Santa Claus is warm.

What is Santa’s Favorite Animal

Penguins, polar bears, donkeys, mooses, goats or any other Christmas animals are all Santa’s likings. However, the most favourite animal of Santa Clause is reindeers. Santa loves and trusts his nine reindeers so as to he make them fly Santa’s sleigh. And among those reindeers, some say Rudolph is Santa’s favorite reindeer.

What is Santa’s Favorite Transportation

Santa has many ways to transport himself from one place to another. He has ridden north pole trains, driven a motorcycle, steered a hot air balloon, flown a helicopter, even surfed on a surfboard in Hawaii. But his favorite transportation is the magical flying reindeer sleigh.

What is Santa’s Favorite Christmas Songs

Santa loves all Christmas songs. We still don’t know which song he loves most. If I would take a guess, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer” or “Jingle Bells” might won his heart.

What is Santa’s Favorite Color

Red, you bet. That’s why Santa’s clothes are in red.

What is Santa’s Favorite Holiday

You guess it, it is Christmas, and more specially, Christmas Eve. Mr Santa and his elves work like a dog all year long, all for one night’s gift deliverys. He loves this job, and meanwhile he can enjoy some milk and cookies left for him.