Holiday season is coming. Everybody is probably busy with shopping for an evergreen decorated Christmas tree. But what if you don’t want a real conifer for some reasons? Maybe because you think it is crucial to cut down a growing tree, or it costs too much for one-time usage. No worries, there are some Christmas tree alternatives.

Inflatable Christmas Tree

The major advantage of blow up Christmas tree presents gets represented in its reusability. In contrast with real Xmas tree, you can put away inflatable Christmas tree after this year’s holiday and reuse it at the next year. Generally speaking, most of holiday inflatables nowadays come with LED lights. So in any event, it is a convenient decoration after all.

Christmas Cake Tree

How about an edible Christmas tree? Think it like a tall wedding cake, we are going to make a huge Christmas tree cake. In this case, you get to satisfy not only your eyes and also your stomach. Sounds yummy and can’t wait.

Gift Box Stack Tree

The tradition is to put down all the gift boxes under the Christmas tree. Here’s an idea, why not pile them up to form a Christmas tree like stack? I believe your kids would be the happiest family members to see this happens. Because the taller the pile is, they get the more presents.

Christmas Card and Photo Tree

All you need to do is to prepare a vacant wall and save it for plenty of Christmas cards and family photos. You know, it is nice to collect various Christmas cards with Santa, dogs, snows and many other Christmasy elements. Together with your family photos, attach them on the wall to make a Christmas card and photo tree. To make things better, adorn it with mistletoe and poinsettia.

Christmas Book Tree

Good news for bookworms, you can build up an alternative Christmas book tree for this year’s winter festival. There are quite a few ways to establish a book tree. For example, stack directly them up, or open the books and heap up, or even use wall bookshelf as a helper.