If you plan to decorate your yard into a scary Halloween scene, you can totally do it with Halloween inflatables. Although there are many hair-raising inflatable decorations to choose, here are the 10 most scary ones.

Inflatable Grim Reaper

I think we all agree that we never wanna see the Death approaching us. An inflatable death with a scythe in your yard should have the effect of startling visitors.

Inflatable Graveyard

Imagine your yard has headstones projected from the ground. With inflatable tombstones, you can turn the yard into a spooky graveyard. To make it more vivid, try add an inflatable cemetery gate arch as your yard’s enrance.

Inflatable Halloween Tree

Have you ever had the experience of walking along in a woods at night? If so, you know how the feeling is. Scary trees plus darkness is a wonderful combination for Halloween. That is why you should blow up a bunch of inflatable dead trees in your yard.

Inflatable Ghost

To be honest, ghosts creep the most out of me. Inflatable ghosts work astonishingly well with inflatable cemetery and haunted trees.

Inflatable Skeleton

Skeleton is the most classical Halloween element. It reminds us, underneath, we are all going to die. So inflatable skeletons are able to easily create an ambiance of restlessness in your yard.

Inflatable Mummy

If you had seen the Mummy movie, you’ve already know how frightening a mummy is. The dry body under the linen wrappings is everyone’s nightmare. I am sure your yard will be more exotically spooky with some inflatable Egyptian mummies.

Inflatable Witch

Evil witches are always waiting in the dark and ready to lure you into their cauldrons. For this reason, inflatable witches definitely earn its place in your yard. Obviously, the blow up witches better coupled with their black cats.

Inflatable Black Cat

Black cat is the symbol of witchcraft or bad luck. If you suddenly hear their sound screeching at night, it will be horrific. Without doubt, inflatable black cats are the best Halloween inflatable decorations standing next to inflatable witches.

Inflatable Pumpkin

Pumpkin itself is cute and delicious, but a pumpkin with eyes is pulse-pounding. As a matter of fact, inflatable pumpkins have many designs. To name a few, such as pumpkin scarecrow, pumpkin grim reaper, pumpkin skeleton.

Inflatable Scarecrow

Inflatable scarecrow can be very frightful, especially when they move. You might think they are kind of like zombie if you will. Certainly, inflatable scarecrows suit perfectly with inflatable pumpkins.